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Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU)

Academic Exchange Program
1. Objective
This is a special program designed for international students from affiliated universities and organizations with ZSTU around the world to study Chinese language, the outline of China and Chinese culture, etc. Successful students can utilize this as preparation to pursue degree programs at ZSTU or other Chinese universities in future.
2. Eligibility
1) Exchange students will continue as candidates for degrees at their home institution and will not be candidates for degrees at ZSTU. Exchange students are expected to return to their home institution to complete remaining degree requirements except when further agreement shall be reached by home and hosting institutions.
2) By the beginning of their ZSTU enrollment,exchange students must have successfully completed at least one full-time year of study at home institution.
3) Students with zero or less than 30 hours of formal Chinese language learning experience are preferable.
4) Students shall enter China with a student visa or F visa.
5) Students do not suffer from any disease that makes them prohibited from studying in China by relevant Chinese laws and regulations.
3. Number of Students Accepted
1) Total number: about forty (40)
2) Number of students from one university or organization: Two or Three (2 or 3)
4. Period of Enrollment and Study
The duration of study in the program is one semester.
Fall Semester 2010: from August 30, 2010 to December 17, 2010 (16 weeks)
5. Tuition and Fees
1) Students from those universities or organizations affiliated with ZSTU through an academic or student exchange agreement or a memorandum, or from a university which is in the process of forming an agreement with ZSTU, will enjoy ZSTU International Scholarship, which shall be exempt from application fee and tuition.
2) Round-trip international travel, all board and room costs, insurance, residence permit application fee, field trips and special expenses, and all personal expenses (books, travel, clothing, etc.) in the hosting country will be the responsibility of each student and/or his/her home institution. Exchange students must purchase insurance required by the Chinese government during their study at ZSTU. Whatever medical/health costs not covered by the insurance must be paid by the students.
6. Application
1) Deadline
Fall Semester 2010: By June 30, 2010
2) Before sending all application materials by express mail service, ZSTU appreciates all home institutions sending ZSTU Application Forms for Academic Exchange Program by fax or via email to the following address before June 30, 2010.
7. Contact Information:
Ms. Jianjun Zheng (Jenny)
Tel: +86-571-86843189 Fax: +86-571-86843079
Address:     Room 235, Building One
International Students Office
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
5 Second Avenue, Xiasha Higher Education Zone
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China, 310018

1. Listed below are your estimated program costs for one semester (16 weeks). Please be prepared to pay this bill when you arrive:
Application fee and Tuition: Exempt (enjoys ZSTU International Scholarship)
Lodging (on-campus accommodation):
(I) Single Room: RMB800 yuan per month per student
(II)Two-bedded Room: RMB450 yuan per month per student
Note: A new building for international students (Friendship Building) has been put into service since September, 2008. There is a public kitchen and public laundry on each floor. Students can choose single rooms or twin-bedded rooms as he/she likes. Each room has a private bathroom and a balcony, and is equipped with air conditioner, heater, TV-set, telephone, ADSL and a set of furniture.
Board: RMB15 yuan to 30 yuan per day per student at student cafeteria
Electricity Bill: about RMB100 yuan to 200 yuan per month per student
Teaching Materials: about RMB100 yuan per student
Personal Spending: vary from student to student, usually RMB1000 yuan to 1500 yuan per month per student.               
Insurance Fee: about RMB 350 yuan per student per semester
Residence Permit Application Fee to local Public Security Bureau: RMB400 yuan per year

2. Fees of lodging, insurance and teaching materials shall be paid in Chinese currency within 5 days after arrival; other fees shall be paid in Chinese currency upon request.

 Arrival Information
Means of transportation to Hangzhou (Please tick):
plane, train, taxi,airport bus from Shanghai to Hangzhou

International Exchange Students, please keep a copy of this sheet for your reference
1. Students arriving for the Fall Semester 2010 by air are suggested to arrive at Hangzhou Airport. We appreciate students from the same home institution arrival with the same flight according to Beijing time. We hope we are able to arrange the airport pick-up if you arrive at a relatively similar time.
2. Students arriving by train at Hangzhou station or by bus at the Regional Transportation Center in Hangzhou may take a taxi directly to the campus. It costs about RMB 60 to RMB 100 by taxi.
Chinese Address:  中国杭州下沙高教园区2号大街5
3. Please kindly fax or e-mail us all of the following information. We will let those students arriving at Hangzhou airport know by e-mail before their departure whether the airport pick-up can be made or not upon their arrival.
For students arriving in Hangzhou by plane:
Your name: ___________________________________________________________
Airline you will be using: ________________________________________________
Flight number to Hangzhou: ___________________________________________
Date and time of arrival in Hangzhou (Beijing Time): ________   _/__________  
Number of students - if any - traveling with you: ___________________________   
Your E-mail address: ___________________________________________________

For students arriving in Hangzhou by taxi or airport bus from Shanghai to Hangzhouplease use a public phone to let us know your estimated arrival time before you are on board the taxi or the airport bus.

Contact person: Jianjun Zheng (Jenny)            Mobile: 13588824425

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