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Zhejiang Provincial Research Center of Gene Therapy

The academician Liu Xinyuan suggested to Lu Zushan, the Government of Zhejiang Province, about the construction of Zhejiang Provincial Research Center of Gene Therapy in March 2004 and the government paid high attention to the advice. The Science and Technology Commission and Public Health Department of Zhejiang Province approved the foundation of the center in June 2005.

The research center is made up of basic research department at the Xinyuan Medical and Biological Technology Research Institute in the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and clinical research department located at the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University. The academicians Liu Xinyuan and Zheng Shusen took the posts of directors of the basic research department and clinical research department respectively.
Professor Qian Qijun is the standing vice director and the Professor Qian Cheng is the vice director of the research center. The research center has a large number of talents doing the research of gene therapy and some part-time professors and scholars who have studied in foreign universities such as HARVARD, STANFORD, SLOAN KETTERING, GLASSCO. The center has applied for more than ten invention patents about gene therapy and has published many papers on famous periodicals such as HEPATOLOGY, MOL THERAPY, CANCER RESEARCH, ONCOLOGY and INT. J CANCER which are expected to acquire distinct social effect and economic results very soon. The center is estimated to apply for the national gene therapy research center and become an international research center in the next two or three years.

Main researches and work:
1.Setting up the gene therapy laboratory and becoming an international gene therapy research center. The center will take the lead on the research of the targeting gene-virus therapy of cancer in the world. It will carry out the research of gene therapy against Parkinsons disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
2.Development of the third-generation adenovirus and further study the complete antibody gene therapy mediated by adenovirus.
3.Building the industrial base of gene therapy, formulate standard operating procedures, quality specifications and clinical application protocols for gene therapy products. It will do this by developing a series of biological preparations with independent intelligence property.

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