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Introduction of the Engineering Research Center of Modern Textile Equipment Technology of the Ministry of Education

The center relies on the universitys advantage on the discipline of textile equipment. The center is specialized on the research of the common problem in the development of textile equipments and the development of the critical technologies of the textile equipment engineering by the academic strength and social power. It has obtained many innovative achievements with independent intellectual property rights and exalted the overall competitive abilities of Chinas textile equipment.

The center is located at the Xiasha Campus of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and its hardware is made up of the laboratories of the College of Machinery and Automatic Control. The center consists of nine research units including the Key Laboratory of Modern Textile Equipment Technology, Research Institute of Mechanical Electronic Engineering, Research Institute of Advanced Manufacturing, Research Institute of Modern Textile Machinery, Research Institute of Automation, Research Center of Mechanical Design, Research Institution for the application of integrated technology and the Laboratory of Yangtze Delta Multi-phase Fluid Transportation Laboratory.

The College of Machinery and Automatic Control is well equipped and has one hundred researchers of which full-time researchers account for 60%, twenty-five have senior title and more than forty have associate senior title and 50% of the crew have doctors degrees. Each year, the college receives technicians from enterprise for further study or cooperation and tens of masters and doctors do the research jobs in its laboratories.

Key engineering technology projects undertaken by the engineering research center are as follows:

1.Digital techniques and equipment development of high-speed air-jet loom--digital setting and automatic adjustment of the parameters of air-jet loom, domestic manufacturing of key parts such as nozzle, weft feeder and controller. The main technological and economical indices are expected to come up to an international advanced level.
2.Research of high-speed rotor spinning frame-- the abrasion, bearing, heating and dynamic balance in the high-speed spinning of rotor and the domestic manufacturing of imported key part. The main technological and economical indices are expected to come up to an international advanced level.
3.Research of automatic flat knitting machine--embedded controller, materials and critical process technology of needle bar. The technology will come to a domestic advanced level.
4.Research of digital-control cutting machine--parameter optimization, moving control of servo axis, automatic control of operational speed of cutter with servo motor and the design of human-machine interface.
5.Research of the controller of embedded electronic jacquard on the base of ARM. The controller, the accessory of common jacquard, has the broche of 5376 needles in maximum, and can transfer broche data through local network and send data on the manufacturing site back to the management.

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