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Provincial Key Laboratory-Research Laboratory of Silk Fiber Material and Process Technology

Founded in 1994, the Research Laboratory of Silk Fiber Material and Process Technology, one of the key laboratories of Zhejiang Provinces, passed the inspection and officially opened to public in 1998. The laboratory dedicates to the research of application and technology in the filed of textile science and engineering.

The key laboratory had constructed the research labs and analysis center for silk fiber material, chemical fiber imitation, dyeing and functional process. The laboratory has the area for scientific research of 7500 square meters and owns the instruments and facilities worth some RMB 40 million of which more than 120 instruments cost more than RMB 50,000. The critical instruments for the research of fiber materials and process technologies can be found in the laboratory. The R&D team is made up of fifty-eight technicians of which forty-nine have senior title and nine have middle title, thirteen are over 50 years, thirty-one are over 35 years and fourteen are below 35 years, twenty-eight have doctors degree and twelve have masters degrees (including two studying for doctors degree). The crew has the background of textile, chemical fiber, silk, dyeing, textile design, polymer material, fine chemistry, instrumental analysis, computer, mechanical electronics, management and marketing.

The textile silk fashion is the pillar and superior industry of Zhejiangs national economy at all times. According to the situation of Zhejiangs national economy and social development, the laboratory always carries out scientific research on the tenet of serving for Zhejiangs economic construction. Meanwhile, the laboratory pioneers the research of the structure, physical and chemical properties, process technologies of silk fiber materials (including natural fibers, chemical fibers, imitated silk, synthesized fibers), and launches the R&D of fashion, adornment, industrial fiber materials and products. Its key research fields cover: (1) R&D and industrialization of new textile fashions, adornments, industrial materials and products; (2) basic research, application of silk fibers including silk and the development of new products and new uses, (3) research and application of high technologies in textile.

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