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Graduate Programs
School of Science
1.Applied Psychology
2.Fundamental Mathematics
3.Computational Mathematics
4.Applied Mathematics
5.Operational Research and Cybernetics
6.Inorganic Chemistry
7.Analytical Chemistry
8.Organic Chemistry
9.Physical Chemistry (including Chemical Physics)
10.Chemistry and Physics of Polymers
11.Applied Chemistry
School of Materials and Textiles
12.Material Science
13.Materials Processing Engineering
14.Materials Physics and Chemistry
15.Materials for Civil Engineering
16.Nanometer Materials and Devices
17.Textile Engineering
18.Textile Material and Textile Design
19.Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing
20.Fashion Design and Engineering
21.Physical Chemistry for Textiles
22.Economics and Management for Textiles Industry
School of Informatics
23.Computer Systems Organization
24.Computer Software and Theory
25.Computer Applied Technology
26.Signal and Information Processing
27.Software Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
28.Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
29.Mechatronic Engineering
30.Mechanical Design and Theory
31.Vehicle Engineering
32.Precision Machinery and Control
33.Fluid Machinery
35.Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment
36.Systems Engineering
37.Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
38.Testing and Measurement Technology and Instrumentation
39.Fluid Machinery and Engineering
School of Life Science
     Botany (Track: Natural Medicine)
42.Cell Biology
43.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
     Biopharmaceutics (Track: Traditional Chinese Pharmacy)
School of Economics & Management
47.Regional Economics
49.Industrial Economics
50.International Trade
51.Labor Economics
52.Ecological Economics
53.Legal Economics
55.Management Science and Engineering
56.Corporate Management
School of Art &asp;Design
57.Artistic Theory
58.Fine Arts
59.Design Science
School of Marxism
60.Principles of Marxism
61.Localization of Marxism in China
62.Ideological and Political Education
63.Fundamental Issues in Modern Chinese History
64.Marxist Jurisprudence
65.Marxist Social Management
2. Doctoral
School of Materials and Textiles
1.Textile Engineering
2.Textile Material and Textile Design
3.Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering
4.Fashion Design and Engineering
5.Physical Chemistry for Textiles
6.Textile Industrial Economics and Management
School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
7.Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
8.Mechatronic Engineering
9.Mechanical Design and Theory
10.Vehicle Engineering
11.Fluid Machinery
12.Precision Machinery and Control
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