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Continuing Education

▲The Adult Education College (Continuing Education College) of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University was founded in 1994 under the approval of China Textile General Association. The university boasts a long history on adult education. As early as 1912, while the university was still the Zhejiang Secondary Silkworm and Mulberry School, it opened short-term training classes (make-up classes) to train the junior technicians for the population of the new cultivation of silkworms and improve the mulberry plantation.

The school entered a new development era after the liberation especially during the reform and establishment. Set up in 1984, the night school of Zhejiang Silk Industrial College started to enroll students and began the adult higher education for the study of computer application, mechanical designing and manufacturing. Various adult education programs with characteristics such as clothing design, textile, printing and dyeing were opened according to the need of society. The adult education has been developing rapidly since 1994.

▲The Adult Education College of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University applies the system of centralized management and relies on colleges for education. After many years of practice and reliance on the good facilities, the college is in the lead of professional technologies such as fashion design, painting and dyeing. It now owns the top fashion designers, experts and scholars.

The college also launches joint education with several overseas universities including the Fashion Institution of Technology of the State University of New York in U.S.A. and the Japan-based Sugino Gakuen. With an effort over many years, a multi-level, multi-form and multi-specifications adult education system has been formed in the adult education college. This includes teaching by correspondence, night school, adult full-time study, associate diploma education, joint education and various continuing education and vocational educations.

▲The College had cultivated nearly 10,000 talents--2,250 of them with bachelor or associate degrees and 8,000 of them with non-diploma education- -for 29 provincial and municipal institutions between 1983 and 2002. When the students urgently needed majors such as textile, fashion, electronic information and machinery, they returned to their organizations and put what they mastered into practice to create good profits and obtained outstanding achievements. Some of them even took management positions.

▲The Adult Education College of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University currently has more than 2,500 students graduated from high or secondary schools studying for the programs such as art design, economic management and electronic information with bachelor or associate degree. The college cares about education quality and focuses on the cultivation practical ability and quality education.

Presently, the night school and correspondence school have such programs as fashion art design, decorative art design, construction environment and facility engineering, computer science and technology. The technical school has programs such as fashion art design, computer information management, international economy and trade, engineering manage, social work, office automation, business English. The adult full-time school has 22 programs for bachelor and associate degrees (including fashion design, advertisement textile design, decorative art design, image design, animation, industrial design, financial accounting, marketing, computer information management, international economy and trade, computer science and technology, industrial business management, electronic business, automation, architecture, information and computational science).

130 training classed for fashion design and production, silk manufacturing, textile, English, dyeing, company management, textile design, computer technology have been opened since 1983. 33 one-year training class of fashion design, more than 30 dyeing training courses had been launched in the past ten years. That created distinguished programs for the college. The cultivated talents are welcome and praised by various circles of society.

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