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Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Modern Textile Equipment Technology

Aiming to accelerate the development of the textile equipment technology in Zhejiang Province, the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Modern Textile Equipment Technology dedicates to the research of the design, controlling and testing of textile equipments. Its main research fields include key technologies of loom, new theories and types of loom shedding, key technology of flat knitting machine, air-jet yarn technology, distributed controlling module, special controllers and on-line inspecting device for textile equipment.

The laboratory has twenty-nine technicians--nineteen of them with senior title, nine of them with middle title, eleven doctors and five studying to be doctors. The proportion of young, middle-aged and senior technician is 2:5:3, the age structure of the talent is rational. The laboratory has introduced three senior researchers on the design and controlling technology of textile equipment and has cultivated one New Century Excellent Talent of the Ministry of Education, one primary candidate and two secondary candidates of Zhejiangs 151 Talent Program, two top academic talents in school and tens of masters with the majors of mechanical design, integration of textile mechanics and electrics, computer control, fluid machinery and control.

While constructing the key laboratory in the past two years, the laboratory positively joined Zhejiang economic construction and technological improvement and has been cooperating with many textile equipment manufactures such as Zhejiang Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Zehjiang Jinggong Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Yangshan Textile Machinery Co., Ltd and Shaoxing yuejian Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
The laboratory has undertaken three national projects, thirteen projects from Zhejiang Province and the enterprises and has collected RMB 3.855 million as the research fee. More than forty papers have been published on high-end periodicals of which twelve were published on SCI and EI. The laboratory has one patent and three utility model patents granted and three utility model patents accepted.

The key lab has developed or purchased various typical textile instruments, such as rotor spinning frame and air-jet loom, rapier loom and flat knitting machine, for research. Meanwhile, the laboratory has built and improved the trestles for the experiments of air drive, air jet, flat knitting machine and electronic jacquard. Its experimental and testing equipments including three-coordinate measuring machines (hard bearing dynamic balancing machine, drape-o-meter, yarn tension meter, drop analyzer and FlexME soft 3D laser scanning system) generally meet the demand for the development of textile equipment.

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