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Zhejiang   Sci-Tech   University(ZSTU) Hangzhou, China


★Introduction to the University (ZSTU)
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU, formerly Zhejiang Institute of Silk Textile), which is located in the “International Garden City” Hangzhou, provides programs in fields of sciences, engineering, humanities (arts), economics, management and law with engineering being its main focus. It stems from the Sericultural Academy founded in 1897, and now has a history of over 110 years.
ZSTU consists of 17 schools and offers 52 bachelor programs, 30 master programs and 2 PhD programs. Now, ZSTU has a total of 26,000 full-time students, of which 1900 are postgraduate students. ZSTU covers an area of 140 hectares, equipped with modern classroom buildings, laboratories, information center, audio-visual center, network center, sports facilities, and information platforms in modern network. The university library has the most complete information on apparel and art design in China and it also serves as a digital books and information center for the whole Xiasha Higher Education Zone.
ZSTU attaches great importance to international academic exchanges and cooperation, and has established close collaborative ties with more than 30 institutions in over 10 countries and regions, including U.S.A, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Japan, Korea and Australia. Now, ZSTU is attracting more and more international students to study Chinese Language and Culture, to pursue degrees and to take non-degree programs of advanced studies.
Warmly welcome international friends in all countries and regions to visit and study at ZSTU!
★ Scholarship

ZSTU is one of the Chinese universities which are officially authorized by MOE for the recruitment of international students sponsored by Chinese government scholarships. Besides, ZSTU also offers other scholarships to outstanding international students.
★ Programs
Undergraduate Programs
(Programs with “” are the key and/or ZSTU traditional and featured programs.)

1. Accounting                                                    2. Industrial Designing
3. Marketing                                                       4. Textile Engineering﹡
5. Artistic Designing﹡                                       6. Applied Chemistry
7. Automation                                                    8. Animation
9. Law                                                                10. Architecture
11. Social Work                                                 12. Civil Engineering
13. Japanese                                                       14. Communication
15. Packaging Engineering                                16. Advertisement Studies
17. Industry Engineering                                  18. Applied Physics
19. Biotechnology ﹡                                        20. Economics
21. Psychological Science                                  22. Artistic Science﹡
23. Light Chemical Engineering ﹡
24. Material Science and Engineering ﹡
25. Machine Design and Manufacturing and Their Automation ﹡
26. Fashion Design and Engineering ﹡
26. Fashion Design and Engineering (Fashion Marketing and Trade Management) ※
27. Computer Science and Technology         
28. International Economics and Trade
28. International Economics and Trade (International Business in China) ※           
29. Electronic and Information Engineering﹡
30. English Language and Literature
31. Information and Computing Science
32. Building Environment and Facilities
33. Information Management and System
34. Electronic Information Science and Technology
35. Human Resource Management
36. Measurement Technology and Instrumentation
37. Industry and Business Management
38. Electronic Commerce and Business
39. Public Utilities Management
40. Chinese Language and Literature
41. Telecommunications Engineering
42. Engineering Management
43. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
44. Processing Equipment and Control Engineering
45. Administrative Management
46. Mechatronic Engineering
47. Digital Media and Technology
48. Finance
49. Landscape Architecture
50. Electrical Engineering and Automation
51. Non-woven Materials and Engineering
52. Acting (Fashion show and Marketing)
* Note: The programs marked with a “” can be conducted in English with a prerequisite of a minimum number of  8 students.
Master's Programs (Programs with “”offer doctoral degree too.)

  1. Regional Economics                                    2.Artistic Design
  2. Textile Engineering﹡                                  4. Materialogy,
  3. Applied Chemistry                                       6. Business Management,
  4. Basic Mathematics                                       8. Artistic Science,
  5. Industrial Economics                               10. Marxism Principle,
  6. Organic Chemistry                                    12. Applied Psychology,
  7. Mechatronic Engineering                   14. Vehicle Engineering,
  8. Materials Processing Engineering
  9. Computer Applied Technology
  10. Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering
  11. Management Science and Engineering
  12. Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
  13. Mechanical Design and Theory ﹡
  14. Textile Material and Textiles Design
  15. Fashion Design and Engineering
  16. Control Theory and Control Engineering
  17. Fluid Machinery and Engineering
  18. Measurement Technology and Instrument
  19. High Polymer Chemistry and Physics
  20. Ideological and Political Education
  21. Material Physics and Chemistry
  22. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  23. Signal and Information Processing

Chinese Culture Courses (Optional)
1. Ancient Chinese
2. Contemporary Chinese
3. Chinese Literature
4. Chinese Chess
5. Chinese Painting
6. Chinese Calligraphy
7. Taiji
8. Martial Arts
9. Table Tennis
10. Badminton
11. Chinese Folk Music
12. History of Chinese Art
13. History of Chinese Silk
14. Chinese Buddhism and Traditional Culture
15. Silk Culture and Chinese Apparel (Fashion)
16. Ming and Qing Dynasties’ Novels Appreciation
17. Study of Lu Xun
18. Study of the Dream of the Red Chamber
19 Study of Tang Poems and Song Poem Lyrics
20. Culture Economics
21. Human Landscape Tourism of China
Non-degree Programs
1. Long-term Language Students (≥one semester)
2. Short-term Language Students (<one semester, or winter/summer courses)



Elementary class

Basic Chinese (Comprehensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Listening, Oral Chinese), Chinese Pronunciation, Chinese Character, The Outline of China

Intermediate class

Intermediate Chinese (Comprehensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Listening, Oral Chinese ),  Chinese Writing, The Outline of China Breakthroughs in HSK

Advanced class

Advanced Chinese(Comprehensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Listening, Oral Chinese), Chinese Writing, Ancient Chinese, The Outline of China ,
Chinese Newspaper Reading, Breakthroughs in HSK

Short-term language class

Chinese Comprehensive Reading, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Chinese Writing, Extensive Reading
Lectures on Chinese Culture

Note: All classes have culture visiting and Chinese culture courses (e.g. Taiji, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, And Chinese Opera Music).
3. Advanced Studies Students on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels without degree
★ Procedures of Application
1Required materials:
﹡The completed “ZSTU International Students Application Form” (Can be downloaded from
﹡copy of applicant’s highest diploma and transcripts;
﹡copy of Chinese proficiency test (HSK) (if applicable);
﹡copy of passport;
﹡health certificates from a public hospital;
﹡4 recent photos in passport photo size;
﹡Other materials upon request
2After a verification of qualification, ZSTU will offer the admission letter and the visa application form (JW202 form). Please promptly go to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country and get a "X” visa (student visa) if the study period in China is more than 180 days, or apply for an “F” visa (visit visa) if the study period is within 180 days.
3Basic Requirements:
For bachelor’s degree & language students: at least graduate from high school
For master’s degree: at least bachelor’s degree holder
For doctoral degree: at least master’s degree holder
For general advanced students: at least a sophomore grade
Note: 1. All applicants should be aged at least 18, and in good physical condition.
    2. General advanced programs and degree programs are delivered in Chinese language. Applicants of those programs must have an HSK test score of grade 3 or above.
4Application Time:
For Spring Term: September to January
For Fall Term: March to August
Note: No time limitation (except during the holiday of Chinese Lunar New Year) for group short-term Chinese language students.
5Enrollment Time
Spring Term: End of January or February
Fall Term: September
★ Tuition (RMB/person for one academic year)

Student Category


Registration Fee

Accommodation Fee

Bachelor-degree programs

(Liberal Arts)


450 per month
(Twin-bedded Room)
800 per month
(Single Room)

18000 (Sci., Eng.)


Master-degree programs
General Scholar (master’s programs)

25000 (Liberal Arts, Sci., Eng., Art)

Chinese Language Program



General Scholar (bachelor’s programs)

(Liberal Arts)

18000 (Sci., Eng.)



  1. Other fees shall be paid at request.
  2. The tuition doesn’t include the fees of food, medical treatment, insurance, teaching materials

and other fees of experiment, practice, visiting out of teaching plan.

  1. Group of short-term language students can be accepted in all year.
  2. International students are expected to purchase Comprehensive Protection Scheme for Foreign Entry Personnel projected by some local Chinese insurance company.
  3. Water charge and 30 Kwh Electricity per suite per month are free.

★ Living Conditions
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU) has university clinic, library, exhibition hall, cafeteria, gym, stadium, swimming pool, outdoor courts for playing volleyball, basketball, football and etc. Other facilities such as hospital, banks, post offices and supermarkets around the campus provide students with convenient services.
ZSTU foreign student apartment named as Friendship Building, built in 2008, is located in the university living district, which offers two kinds of rooms (single rooms and twin-bedded rooms) to international students. Each room has a private bathroom and a balcony, and is equipped with air-conditioning, heater, TV-set, telephone, ADSL and a set of furniture and bed coverings. And each floor has a public kitchen and a public laundry. International students can use the kitchen utensils and washing machines for free.Students living in the campus dormitories should abide by ZSTU Administration Regulations on Accommodation for Foreign Student Apartment.
★ Contact Information
Tel: +86 571 86843189         Fax: +86 571 86843079
Contact Person: Ms. Jianjun Zheng (Jenny) ,;
Address: International Students Office
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
5 Second Avenue Xiasha Higher Education Zone
Hangzhou Zhejiang, P.R.China, 310018

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