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Discipline Structure

Discipline Group

First-level Discipline

Second-level Discipline

Master Program

Doctor Program


Basic Discipline Group of Science 


Fundamental Mathematics



Applied Mathematics




Computational Mathematics





Theoretical Physics




Condensed Matter Physics





Organic Chemistry



Polymer Chemistry and Polymer Physics



Chemical Engineering and Technology

Applied Chemistry



Discipline Group of Life Science and Biological Engineering






Biochemistry and Molecule Biology



Cell Biology




Biomedical Engineering

 Top Priority Provincial Discipline

Discipline Group of Material and Textile

Textile Science and Engineering

Textile Engineering


Top Priority Provincial Discipline

Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Engineering


Provincial Key Discipline Class B

Textile Material and Design



Material Science and Engineering



Provincial Key Discipline Class B

Material Processing Engineering



Material Physics and Chemistry



Light Industry Technology and Engineering

Pulp and Paper Engineering




Discipline Group of Machinery

and Information Science 

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation



Mechanical Electronic Engineering



Mechanical Design and Theory

   Provincial Key Discipline Class A

Vehicle Engineering



Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Mechanization Engineering




Instrument Science and Technology

Measuring Technology and Instrument



Precise Instrument and Machinery




Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

Fluid Machinery and Engineering



Power Machinery and Engineering




Chemical Process Machinery




Information and Communication Engineering

Communication and Information System




Signal and Information Process



Control Science and Engineering

Control Theory and Engineering



Measuring Technology and Automation Equipment




Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System




Computer Science and Technology

Computer Application and Technology



Computer Software and Theory




Discipline Group of Art and Design

Civil Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering




Structural Engineering




Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering





Architecture Design and Theory




Architecture Technological Science





Design Art


Provincial Key Discipline Class B

Fine Art



Textile Science and Engineering

Fashion Design and Engineering


Provincial Key Discipline Class A






Discipline Group of Economics and Management

Applied Economics

Regional Economics


Provincial Key Research Base of Humanities

Industrial Economics



International Trade




Management Science and Engineering



Business Management


Enterprises Management



Technical Economy and Management








Public Management

Administrative Management




Social Security




Discipline of Humanities


Applied Psychology




Economic Law




Constitution and Administration Law









Marxist Theory

Principles of Marxism



Moral Education



Study of Chinese Marxism




Foreign Language

English Linguistics




Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics




Chinese Language

Chinese Ancient Literature




News Communication





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